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Lease Maturity Leads 101

This year, GM Financial’s goal is to push more than 1 million leads to dealership BDCs across America. GM Financial has touch points throughout a customer’s vehicle ownership life cycle, and we want to make sure you know the same things that we know about your customers.

GM Financial pushes eight types of leads to your CRM, and each one is a potential new sale. But, with leads pouring into your pipeline, do you have strong processes in place to maximize these leads?

We want to help.


Lease Maturity Leads 101

Lease Maturity Leads are available in several locations, at different times and can help you with different objectives.

Lease Maturity leads can be a good fit for your dealership. These customers are already in your CRM and are your best new-car sales opportunities. All you have to do is get them in the door.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Where You Find the Lead When It’s Available What’s Happening with the Customer What You Can Learn What to Do with It
GM Dealer Lease Dashboard The minute a customer leases a vehicle. The lessee is driving around carefree.  A view of every vehicle, by month, that is scheduled to mature at your dealership in the next 12 months. See if the customer’s vehicle is in equity, or if the customer received a private offer. Begin to plan your customer lease touch points. Determine when you want to follow up with lessees to ensure they lease again at your dealership.
GMF DealerSource® 12 months from maturity The lessee is beginning to get the new car itch. Start to get a snapshot of the customer’s vehicle and the inventory that will soon be available for you to purchase. Browse the inventory soon to be available to purchase at other dealerships, as well. If a lessee’s vehicle looks like a good fit for your dealership, add it to your GMF DealerSource ‘Watchlist,’ so you can purchase it when it’s available. Have a customer shopping for a used vehicle? Use this as a virtual showroom for pre-owned sales.
Your CRM NEW! 8 months from maturity Private offers and pull-aheads are rolling in. Use the Lease Pull Ahead report available in GM GlobalConnect to see what offers your customers are receiving. Begin to proactively contact these lessees. Get prepped before these customers show up in your store ready for their next new vehicle.


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