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GM Financial

Low Arbitrations Drive Buyer Confidence

Dealers across the country purchase pre-owned inventory online through GMF DealerSource®, our online auction platform. Instilling confidence when you purchase pre-owned vehicles online is a top priority that GM Financial aims to deliver every day.

The first step is to submit the best information on each vehicle, which includes detailed photos, AutoGrade™ rating and a condition report. It’s GM Financial’s goal to be as transparent as possible with you by providing as much detailed information on GMF DealerSource as we can.


GM Financial is an industry leader in the arbitrations process, as well as in getting assessments correct on the front end to avoid most arbitrations from happening. The national average for arbitrated online vehicle sales is around 5%; our average hovers around or under 2%.

“We try to give dealers a feeling of comfort when they buy online. We want them to know the vehicle delivered to their lot is going to be in the condition we say it is,” said Lee Turner, Remarketing Arbitrations and Inspections Manager.

Still, dealers sometimes choose to arbitrate when they receive purchased vehicles and believe the online information doesn’t quite match what they received.

“If a vehicle’s reported condition doesn’t match what a dealer sees in reality, then we try to make dealers comfortable with the arbitration process,” Lee said. “We’ve called dealers directly to discuss issues, which helps build dependability so they know we have their best interests in mind.”

With an average of 10,000 vehicles available to purchase on GMF DealerSource daily, it’s our goal to ensure you feel assured purchasing from us with as little hassle as possible.

“Our arbitration rate is one of the lowest in the industry,” said Lee. “With lease return volume and online purchasing going up, that becomes even more important. We want to earn dealers’ trust, so they continue to be confident purchasing vehicles from us.”

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