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Episode 10: Loyal Relationships

Christine Sepich only sells what she believes in; that’s why she sells GM vehicles and uses GM Financial financing. She and her team at Troy-Alan Buick outside Pittsburgh credit their close relationship with their GM Financial rep for helping them become the highest-selling Buick dealership in western Pennsylvania and a top Buick store for years running. “By going with GM Financial, you will sell more cars,” Christine says.

Here’s how you can leverage your relationship with us to help increase your store’s sales.

  1. Floorplan dealers sell more vehicles. It’s a fact.
    GM Financial floorplan dealers, on average, sold 5.9% more vehicles than non-floorplan dealers in 2019. Use the higher floorplan incentives with Dealer Dividends® to reinvest in your dealership and help drive sales.

    Not floorplanning with us? Talk to your rep about a personalized plan for your store. Plus, you can begin a floorplan test drive today, so you can begin to reap the benefits without the full commitment.

  2. Relationships matter.
    The thing about GM Financial is that we exist for you. Your rep will celebrate every success with your store and will also be standing by your side through challenges.

To learn more about how GM Financial can help your dealership, talk to your rep.

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