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Episode 12: Custom Cash Flow Solutions

Kris Cox, CEO of Cox Chevrolet outside Tampa, moved his multi-generation floorplan account to the captive because, as he puts it, “GM, GM Financial and dealers, we all have the same stake in the game.”

The value of that relationship became clear when GM Financial was able to help secure Cox Chevrolet a PPP loan, allowing Kris and his team to focus on helping customers instead of worrying about making payroll.

Boost your relationship with GM Financial with these three tips:

  1. Get to know your contacts at GM Financial so we can have deeper, more meaningful conversations tailored to your store.

  2. Call us first and call us early. As Kris said, “The manufacturer, dealer and captive are pulling the rope the same direction toward the same finish line. When you’re not aligned, it makes it difficult to have hard conversations and talk about opportunities.”

  3. Leverage our relationship with GM to ensure you're maximizing the ways we can move the needle on profitability and ensure your legacy is secure for many years to come.

Next time your GM Financial rep calls or visits your store, ask questions, share your challenges and successes, and learn more about what we can do to help.


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