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Episode 18: Closing Sales

“We’re selling more cars. We’re making more money,” says Doug Fleming, General Manager of Findlay Chevrolet in Las Vegas. Sales started soaring after Findlay switched its flooring to GM Financial in 2018.

Doug knows that making a flooring change isn’t easy, especially if you have been doing business with your current provider for a long time. What made the difference for Findlay Chevrolet was going through a floorplan Test Drive, where they were able to experience the full benefits and value of flooring with us.

Here are just some of the benefits they have discovered since making the switch to GM Financial:

  1. An attitude of “more”
    The finance team at Findlay Chevrolet appreciates how GM Financial buyers look at every aspect to make deals work, which translates into more:
        • Approvals
        • Profits
        • Dealer Dividends® earned
        • Customers in the service drive
        • Future business
  2. Working toward the same goals
    It’s about more than closing deals. It’s about providing support in all the areas that matter to a dealership.

    “GM Financial cares about repeat business, referral business, retention,” says Doug. “They have the same common goals as us as a dealership.”
  3. Not a bank, a relationship
    Doug points out a difference between working with a captive lender versus a bank:

    “GM Financial is here not just to buy your deals, not just to lease cars, not just for your flooring, but anything and everything you need. GM Financial’s here for you.”

Talk to your Rep to learn more about Closing Sales.


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