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Episode 21: Unlimited Earnings

Jim Hudson Buick GMC Cadillac has been operating in Columbia, South Carolina, for decades, so Keith Hudson has seen the transition over the years to a true captive in GMF. He made the decision to switch to GMF floorplan three years ago because “it was everything that they said it would be and even more. It’s exceeded my expectation.”

He understands that dealers can be wary about making a floorplan change. Here’s what made the difference for Keith:

  1. The Total Package

    Keith is focused on growing his business and sees his relationship with the captive as an asset to helping him sell more vehicles. When he went through the floorplan Test Drive, he saw that his benefits with GMF lowered his net floorplan rate, impacting his store’s profitability.

  2. Unlimited Earnings

    As a floorplan dealer, Keith earns Dealer Dividends® for deals funded with GMF. The more deals he closes, the more Dealer Dividends he earns. And Keith looks forward to seeing that deposit at the end of each month.

    “That’s what I want as a dealer. I want somebody to say, ‘You make as much money as you want to make. We’re not going to cap your Dealer Dividends. Just keep sending us more contracts.’ And it works.”

There’s no risk to taking a floorplan Test Drive and seeing the benefits firsthand. Talk to your GMF Rep about how to get started.

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