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Episode 22: Proven Profitability

“It’s been extremely profitable for us.” That’s how Pat Denson, managing partner at Estero Bay Chevrolet, describes the impact of switching to GMF’s floorplan. Now that the dealership has been flooring with GMF for a year, Pat shares how it has impacted Estero Bay’s bottom line.

  1. Quicker funding

    “The Test Drive was an awesome idea,” says Pat. “They gave us a free trial to see how it worked, and I was very impressed.” Right away he noticed that funding was quicker, and loan and lease volumes with GMF went up.  

  2. Increased profitability

    As a GMF floorplan dealership, Estero Bay Chevrolet earns Dealer Dividends® for obtaining benchmarks. With today’s lower inventories and floorplan expenses, those Dealer Dividends are going straight to the dealership’s bottom line.

The GMF floorplan relationship is focused on profitability for the short and long term. As Pat puts it: “Having a good month is a beautiful thing. Having a good 10 years is better.”

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