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Episode 23: Customer Experience

At North Bay Cadillac in Great Neck, New York, providing luxury service is all about personal contact. And for Dealer Principal Jack Weidinger, being on the receiving end of that kind of personal contact from GMF was a factor in his decision to make the switch to GMF floorplan. That experience, and the number of dealers he saw moving to GMF, gave him the confidence to come on board.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Customer experience.

    With the benefits of his GMF relationship always there to support his dealership, Jack knows there won’t be any roadblocks to meeting his customers’ high expectations.

    “To have everything under one roof, I have one place to go if my customers have needs,” says Jack.
  2. Managing inventory.

    North Bay Cadillac is a high-lease dealership, so having the right tools to manage their lease maturities is critical to the store’s success.

    “It’s been great to see the updates to DealerSourceSM and the off-lease process to make purchasing and grounding leases as smooth as possible."
  3. Dealership support.

    Between the expertise and attention from his GMF Reps and the strength of GM, Jack feels confident he has the resources to help his dealership thrive.

    "GM is one big family,” said Jack. “The more you’re on board with the family, the better off you’ll be. That’s what I’ve always found.”

Ready to join the 1,679 GM dealerships flooring with GMF? Talk to your Rep.

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