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Episode 29: Dan Broderick

Dan Broderick, CEO of Cadillac of Beverly Hills and Cadillac Dealer Council member, knows the stress of a highly competitive auto market. Luxury dealerships down the street from Dan’s store in the heart of LA compete for his customers every day: “We need to live up to that expectation.”

So, what’s Dan’s secret? Keeping his customers in his loop with top-notch service at each distinct “touch point.” From his opulent Cadillac showroom experience to his close-knit relationship with GMF and Cadillac Financial, Dan and his team strive to impress each guest who comes into his orbit.

  1. Keep Customers in the (Retention) Loop

    When it comes to attracting customers and keeping them, Dan knows that every impression counts with “a number of guest touch points that occur in a transaction.” Dan ensures that each part of the dealership experience lives up to high-end guest expectations.

    From the second a customer steps onto the showroom floor, to financing on a vehicle of choice, each moment is a chance for Dan to deliver a lasting impression. “Automotive retail is an ecosystem,” Dan says, and he has worked side by side with GMF to create what he calls an “infinity loop” of customer service, enabling customers to get an interconnected showroom, service center and ownership experience with as little friction as possible.

  2. Each Customer Is an Opportunity

    “If lenders treated finance customers similar to lease customers, you could benefit from higher retention numbers.” Dan’s theory holds true for the high-end expectations of the Cadillac of Beverly Hills clientele. Financing is a vital part of a dealer’s business, and nobody knows this more than Dan and his team.

    Dan recognizes the potential that each customer brings for retention by working closely with the GMF team on his goals. The recent introduction of Cadillac Financial has been a great boost for Dan’s team: “The staff are finding the experience of getting buyouts, approvals and working with the credit team far more efficient, and that speed makes for a better guest experience.”

  3. Secure and Stable Growth

    As Dan works nonstop to deliver a premium customer experience to each driver who enters the showroom, he takes comfort in the knowledge that he can work with GMF to manage customer relationships throughout the entire financing term. “Offers, rewards, communication” and more are all ways in which Dan works alongside GMF to deliver “financial support, whether it’s finance or lease, in a way that’s commensurate with the direction of the brand.”

    And Dan’s enthusiasm about the brand has no equal. “From top to bottom, front to back, it is hard to compete with a Cadillac.” From the renowned Cadillac Escalade to the new, all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ, Dan knows that the opulence of Cadillac speaks for itself, and he can’t wait to see where the brand goes from here: “What an exciting time to be a Cadillac dealer.”

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