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Episode 3: Customer Retention

With thousands of lessees returning to dealerships every month, your returning lease customers are your best new car sale opportunities. Here are some ways you can maximize your customer retention.

Identify your leads

  • Use the GMF DealerSource® Maturity Viewer to access your complete GM Financial lease portfolio to identify specific opportunities engage customers early and create incremental new car sales.
  • Use the Dealer Lease Dashboard to track your dealership’s lease maturities and review the Lease Maturity leads sent to your CRM.

Sync your communications

  • Customers receive mail, phone calls and email from the brands, GM Financial and CSSR beginning 12 months from lease maturity. Align your lease-end communications, so messages sync for your customers. Make contact early and often.
  • Use the Lease-End Communication Calendar to plan your customer outreach.

Prep the next deal

  • Use GMF DealerSource End-of-Term Options to access real-time customer payoff, remaining lease balance and market-based pricing in one convenient location.
  • Use this critical information to desk your next deal.

Apply incentives to maximize retention

  • Take advantage of up to $1,095 in lease loyalty available for GM Financial lease customers who lease again.
  • Check your Dealer Dividends® bank. You may be able to apply rewards toward CCR on a customer’s next vehicle.
  • GM and GM Financial offer regular promotions and incentives to make re-leasing the best option for your customer and a benefit to your dealership. Use the Lease Pull-Ahead Report to stay on top of the offers and incentives your lessees receive.
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