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Episode 31: Andy Guelcher

Three years ago, Andy Guelcher had his hands full adjusting to a statewide shutdown. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the President of Mohawk Chevrolet near Albany, NY, and a Chevy Dealer Council member, was dominating the new-car market with GMF’s support. Today, his relationship with GMF is stronger than ever: “They have shown, time and time again, their willingness to work with us, to continue to grow, to continue to succeed.”

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Dealer Support

“We looked around at some of what the other captives were doing, and they weren’t even close. There was never any hesitancy for GMF to get their hands dirty.”

Every dealer's floorplan provider should bolster confidence in the future of their business, but Andy tells us that where GMF has remained consistent, “the narrative has shifted at other OEMs.” In Andy’s eyes, what set GMF apart from other captives was their willingness to reach out and help, including critical assistance from the Dealer Training team on tough-to-crack commercial customers, intricate lease processes, general sales knowledge and more.

Lucrative Benefits
From the Captive

“Our used-car growth from ’21 to ’22 was over 100%, and we’re on the same pace for ’22 to ’23. A lot of that is because of the flexibility of the Dealer Dividends® program.”

Ever since his dealership floorplanned with GMF three years ago, Andy has enjoyed exclusive benefits that only captive can provide. Through open communication and feedback, GMF works with dealers to better enhance floorplan solutions like Dealer Dividends. For example, Andy has worked with GMF to capitalize on the booming used car business to blow past his Dealer Dividends used benchmark and maximize his payout of cold, hard cash. 

Fortifying the
Dealer Network

“Everybody is scared of change, but if you can get beyond that and focus on what’s coming… it’s going to wildly change how we do business.”

When Andy considers the alignment between the dealer, GM and GMF, he believes “that relationship should inspire confidence in every dealer in this network.” As a veteran Chevy dealer, Andy knows that he needs brand support to help him meet his needs. GMF helps dealers like Andy prep for future endeavors with solutions that help them align with OEM goals, like an EV line of credit for Chevy floorplan dealers to help them upgrade their stores for an electric future.

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