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Episode 4: Dealer Training

Equip your dealership with the training you need to engage your customers, confidently present all financing options and deliver a true consultative experience.

Whether it’s learning how to explain a lease in simple terms or present the benefits of leasing, GM Financial’s experienced training team is here to prepare your staff to exceed customer expectations.

Ready to speed up your lease business? GM has industry-leading loyalty rates among current GM Financial lease customers at 79%1. Check out the benefits of our Lease Workshop and how it can help you and your team capitalize on this valuable market segment.


Become a lease expert

  • Learn the ins and outs of how a lease works
  • Build a quick and profitable process to generate customer interest in leasing
  • With confidence, help customers make informed choices and address concerns
  • Tips for building a successful, long-term, lease customer pipeline

Learn the benefits of leasing

  • Opportunity to a build a customer retention cycle
  • Leasing can mean newer vehicles, the possibility of lower monthly payments and shorter terms, helping you sell more and make more
  • Increase fixed operations profitability with a customer base that is typically under factory warranty
  • Additional profit opportunity when you ground and certify lease returns

Training how you need it

  • Book training at your dealership or off-site in coordination with multiple dealerships
  • Ideal for both dealers in heavy retail markets and those who want to sharpen their dealership’s leasing knowledge and process
  • Contact Dealer Training at 1-817-983-0765 or email to sign up

1Manufacturer loyalty in this case is defined as households who return to market from a captive OEM-leased or purchased vehicle and remain loyal to the same manufacturer. This data is based on disposal methodology and IHS Markit segmentation in the U.S.

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