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Episode 5: GM-Specific Support

You’re die-hard GM, and so are we. That’s why when you’re all in with GM Financial as a floorplan dealer, we go the extra mile to support you. Here’s a little taste of what teams of experts are doing behind the scenes to help give your dealership the extra kick needed to be competitive. Because we’re all part of the GM family.

  1. We show you how to reach objectives faster
    To help you reach and exceed your monthly sales targets, we continuously monitor your progress toward SFE goals and Dealer Dividends® benchmarks. We take your goals personally to help ensure you don’t leave any benefits on the table.

  2. Skip the line with priority access
    To help you close every sale possible, we give you priority service and faster turnaround on credit decisions and funding. We do everything we can to make deals work.

  3. Expert consultants are at your fingertips
    To help you make the most of all the resources available to you, your dedicated Commercial Account Manager (CAM) will be your go-to expert, providing personalized, consultative support to help fuel your business.


When you’re all in with GM Financial, we’re all in with you. Count on us to go the extra mile to help you grow.

To see what it takes to be all in, contact your GM Financial rep or call 1-866-537-5051 to learn more.

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