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Episode 6: Used Inventory

Parkway Chevrolet has one of the highest used car sales rates of any dealership in the metro Houston area. That’s because Pre-Owned Sales Manager Mario Garza has spiced up his pre-owned inventory with choice units from GMF DealerSource®. Using a few smart tricks, Mario always has the right car for the right customer.

When it comes to sourcing pre-owned GM vehicles, GMF DealerSource offers you exclusive access to thousands of premium units — the average vehicle has a 4.0 AutoGrade or higher — before non-GM dealers. Implementing a few techniques can transform you from casual browser to power buyer.


Here are three top tips for locating the cars you need on GMF DealerSource, so you can find the diamonds in the rough.

  1. Use search filters to get specific.

    Filter by brand, model, year, mileage, proximity, trims, special packages and features. This helps you source the perfect car for a prospective or existing pre-owned shopper. Use the ‘Saved Search’ function to save the filters you like so you can reuse them.

  2. Keep an eye on vehicles by using your Watchlist.

    Search for available inventory and add it to your Watchlist. That way, you can see if a unit you’re watching has a price drop, is bid on by another buyer or if you’re outbid. From the Watchlist, you can access a list of vehicles you’ve bid on or purchased.

  3. Set a proxy bid so you can get on with your day.

    With a max bid feature, you can be competitive away from your desk. The system will bid on your behalf until you reach your max bid or time runs out.

To learn more about Used Inventory from GM Financial, talk to your rep.

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