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Episode 7: BDC Tools

The adage of "time is money" has never been truer for today's car buyer. Shoppers want a fast and easy experience without having to go to multiple dealerships. Utilizing quality leads from GM Financial can greatly enhance customers' experiences and exceed their expectations. Borrow some of the secret sauce from one of the nation's best BDCs — Joe Pagano and his team at Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood, New Jersey — and learn how GM Financial can help your dealership stay ahead of the leads.


Pour on these pro tips to feed your BDC and help turn your own time into money.

  1. Follow the leads to your next sale.

    About 359,000 vehicles were sold from leads we sent to GM dealers in 2018. The leads we send to our dealers are typically ready for a new vehicle. Use your CRM or GMF Connect to gain insights into these prospects. Make contact early.

  2. Make virtual a reality, so customers walk through the door.

    Customers now spend the majority of their time shopping online for their next vehicle. With eight different lead types provided to our dealers, we make it easier to meet your next customer, make the next sale and score a great pre-owned vehicle or trade-in. Leverage the insights we provide, and invite customers into your store to explore current programs and incentives on newer models.

  3. Make the BDC essential to your culture.

    Top BDCs have airtight processes for working with customers, defined roles and responsibilities for every contact, and even use talk tracks so sales reps are armed with everything they need to close a deal. As Joe says, a BDC isn't a Business Development Center, it's a Business Development Culture.

To learn more about how GM Financial can help beef up your dealership's BDC, talk to your rep.

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