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Episode 9: Maturity Tools

Todd Caputo and his team at Sun Chevrolet in Syracuse, New York, use GMF DealerSource® and its powerful maturity tools every day to source the vehicles they need to keep used car operations strong. With both online and brick-and-mortar storefronts to stock with inventory and a competitive used car market to navigate, Todd’s team leverages GM Financial to secure its place as one of the top used car operations in the business.

Our maturity tools help you source the vehicles you need for the customers who want them — any time, any day of the week. Here are three ways you and your used car manager can plan ahead, know who and what is coming back to your store, and match customers to vehicles.

  1. Stock your used car lot. Use the Maturity Viewer to see which lease returns are headed back to your store. Get an idea of condition, mileage and what they’ll cost to purchase. Combine the Maturity Viewer with your Watchlist to view your complete GM Financial lease portfolio and receive notifications when vehicles you want are available for purchase.
  2. Turn GMF DealerSource into a virtual showroom. Expand what you can offer to your pre-owned shoppers by sharing with them vehicles currently available on GMF DealerSource. You may have a customer who wants the same make and model as a vehicle in your maturing portfolio. Make the connection.
  3. Start with the Maturity Viewer to prep the next deal. From there, use the End-of-Term Options tool to review customer account information, including monthly payment, contract term and mileage limits, in order to be informed and prepare your customer’s next lease. That way, when they return to your store, you’re ready to retain them.

To learn more about GM Financial’s Maturity Tools, talk to your rep.

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