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Wrap Up More Deals Using GMF Connect

Many dealers use GMF Connect to easily access leads, compare lease return purchase prices and restructure applications. Don’t miss these five ways to put GMF Connect to work for you:

  1. Spend less time on the phone and more time closing deals. In the Approval Center, you can easily adjust the payment structure, view applicable GM incentives, consider different lease options and apply Dealer Dividends® to close a deal. Watch this two-minute video to see how one dealer is finding success.
  2. NEW! We heard your feedback and have added report functionality in the Payoffs drop-down menu. The ACH Payoff Report lets you view and export details about your ACH payoff submissions, including debit date and time, customer name and account number, and FedEx® tracking number.
  3. View your leads by clicking the blinking red exclamation point next to Leads on your top navigation bar. These are worth exploring: Leads to dealers from GM Financial resulted in a 29% sales rate in 2018.
  4. Review contracts that need attention by printing an "In-House Summary Report" in the Contract Status page. You can quickly upload any missing documents, which will be sent to our Funding team.
  5. Get answers to your questions via How Can We Help. Our Dealer Relations team will research your request and assist you during business hours.


If you have questions about GMF Connect, get locked out of your account or need assistance resetting your password, please contact our Dealer Relations team.
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