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Dealer Dividends®

Dealer Dividends is more than just a loyalty rewards program; it’s a strategic approach to enhance profitability and performance at your dealership by reinvesting what you earn.

  • Earn Dealer Dividends when you use GM Financial for standard APR deals on new or used Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac contracts.
  • Get simpler payouts and scale with your earning tier.
  • Fewer restrictions on usage means more cash payouts for your dealership.
  • Redeem toward retail and lease support to help close a deal.

Approval Center

Spend less time on the phone with your Credit Analyst and more time closing deals with the Approval Center.

  • Stack GM incentives and rebates easily and redeem Dealer Dividends.
  • Compare multiple deal structures, including lease.
  • Adjust deal options quickly with instant updates, including frontend and backend.
  • Real-time inventory to structure deals based on what’s on the lot.
  • Prepare multiple offers across vehicle types without making a phone call.


Approval Center Demo: Whether you rehash contracts every day or are looking to step up your game, this course will help you make the most of this powerful tool. Ask your Rep to set up an Approval Center demo.


GM Protection

Why should you choose GM Protection for your dealership?

  • Comprehensive, branded product suite
  • Training and business development program
  • Aligned marketing support
  • Advanced business tools for seamless operations

Dealer Training

Retain and serve your customers like a pro by improving your sales techniques and mastering our tools.
Contact your GMF Rep or GMF Dealer Training for more info.

Lease Training

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about lease benefits, basics and processes.


PACT: Professional Automotive Consulting Techniques Training

  • Sell like a consultant and give your customers the worry-free experience they deserve.


Remote Selling: Red Flag and Identity Theft Awareness

  • Learn to recognize red flags that could save your dealership money.


Conquest and Retention tools

Quality leads

We delivered more than 3.2 million leads to GM dealerships in 2021. Leverage the insights we provide and invite your customers to explore current programs and incentives on newer models.

  • We push 11 types of leads directly to your CRM.
  • Nearly 479,000 vehicles were sold in 2021 as a result of leads we delivered to GM dealers.
  • Top BDCs combine airtight processes for working with customers with defined roles and responsibilities for every contact.




Prequalified direct mail

Leverage our Prequalified Dealer Direct Mail program to target subprime customers near your dealership with exclusive APR offers.

  • Our prequalified dealer direct mail campaign targets competitive prospects in your area and is powered through analytics, insights and touch points.
  • Send qualified customers special offers to get them into your store.
  • We send leads to your CRM; you close the deal. It’s that simple.

Contact your GM Financial rep to join the direct mail program.

Online credit applications

Your customers can walk into the store with pre-qualified financing. Help them save time while providing a more seamless experience at your dealership.

  • Online credit app is available via your dealership’s website provider, or customers can apply on or on a GM brand site.
  • 27% of approved online credit application leads buy or lease a new or used GM vehicle.
  • Simply resubmit the original customer application your dealership receives through RouteOne or Dealertrack with a few specific vehicle details.

Contact your dealership website provider to install our online credit application.

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