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Locations and GM Financial Reps

Join the GM Financial lane at an auction location near you. You can also contact your rep for more information.

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Auction State Region Sale Type
Auto Auction of Montana Montana West Open
America's Auto Auction Saint Louis Illinois West Both
DAA Northwest Washington West Open
Copart Anchorage South Alaska West Open
Manheim Denver Colorado West Both
Manheim Hawaii Hawaii West Open
Manheim Nevada Nevada West Both
Manheim Phoenix Arizona West Both
Manheim Portland Oregon West Both
Manheim San Diego California West Open
Manheim San Francisco Bay California West
Manheim Southern California California West Both
Manheim Utah



America's Auto Auction Birmingham Alabama West Both
America's Auto Auction Clark County Indiana Central Open
America's Auto Auction El Paso Texas Central Open
Manheim Chicago Illinois Central Both
Manheim Dallas
Manheim Detroit Michigan Central Both

Manheim Kansas City




Manheim Little Rock




Manheim Milwaukee Wisconsin Central Both
Manheim Minneapolis
Minnesota Central Both
Manheim San Antonio Texas Central Open
Manheim Texas Hobby Texas Central Both
America's Auto Auction Lone Star Lubbock Texas Central Open
America's Auto Auction West Michigan Michigan Central Open
America’s Auto Auction Columbus Fair Ohio Southeast Both
Manheim Georgia Georgia Southeast Both
Manheim Mississippi Mississippi Southeast Both
Manheim Nashville Tennessee Southeast Both
Manheim Orlando Florida Southeast Both
Manheim Palm Beach Florida Southeast Open
Manheim Statesville North Carolina Southeast Both
Manheim Tampa Florida Southeast Open
Rawls Auto Auction South Carolina Southeast Open
Bel Air Auto Auction Maryland Northeast Both
Manheim New England Massachusetts Northeast Open
Manheim Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Northeast Both
Manheim Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Northeast Both
Southern Auto Auction Connecticut Northeast Both
State Line Auto Auction New York Northeast Both
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