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Sell your used vehicles in the GM Financial lane at auction

Consign your fresh trades and aged inventory. We do the legwork to help you reduce inventory and maximize your vehicle’s exposure to potential buyers.  Our team of Remarketing Specialists lead the way, quickly selling your vehicles and advocating for you to get the right price.

Blue Chevrolet Equinox
Run with the best

We showcase your inventory alongside our premium GM Off-Lease, returned Company Cars and Rental vehicles.

Reach more buyers

We help you reach more buyers outside your market area by featuring your vehicles online via simulcast sales.

Earn more bids

Feature your vehicles in a competitive auction environment, where your inventory can receive more bids.

Create interest

Our national Sales and Remarketing teams market and promote your inventory at auction and online.

How it works

  1. Join Easy Street*
    • Complete the Easy Street Authorization and Application Form, available from your local participating auction.
    • Then, submit the completed application to your local participating auction.
  2. One week before the sale
    • Deliver your inventory to a participating auction.
    • Provide the auction with announced conditions and a floor price.
    • One of our Remarketing Specialists will contact you to verify all information, review floor prices and discuss recommendations for reconditioning.
    • The auction will produce a full condition report for each vehicle, including photos, line-item details and recondition request fulfillment.
  3. One day before the sale
    • By 9 a.m., deliver the title to the auction.
  4. Sale Day
  5. One day after the sale
    • Payouts are mailed directly to your dealership, or through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

*Must be a GM dealer to participate in Easy Street

For more information about the Easy Street program, contact your GM Financial Remarketing Specialist.
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