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Tailored retail programs

GM Financial supports Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers with a retail solution developed specifically for your customers.

  • Solutions are backed by General Motors.
  • Programs are tied to subvention and lower rates.
  • Use the Approval Center to structure your deals.

Exclusive lease financing

Want a steady stream of customers returning to your dealership? Leasing is your key.

  • Lease financing is available to a broad spectrum of consumers – from super-prime to subprime.
  • Feed incremental revenue to your business.
  • Earn repeat and referral customers.

Floorplan financing

The right relationship is everything. When you floorplan with GM Financial, you have access to a team of experts dedicated to helping your business grow.

  • We help you reach and exceed your monthly sales targets by monitoring your progress toward SFE goals and Dealer Dividends® benchmarks.
  • Skip the line with priority access and faster turnaround on credit decisions and funding. 
  • Receive 30-days interest-free financing on Off-Lease purchases when floored with GM Financial.
  • We’re constantly developing new ways to reward our dealers.

Business customer financing

Your customers are the experts when it comes to running their businesses. Whether they buy or lease, we can help them source, finance and manage their fleet. With traditional APR, open- and close-end lease and municipal financing, we can help your business customers find the right financing solutions.

One sale can equal multiple vehicles moved. Earning more business customers means big business for your dealership.

Commercial line of credit

Make it easier for your business customers to grow their fleet with our commercial Line of Credit.

  • Purchase or lease multiple units over time.
  • Customers can customize and build their fleet using any of our commercial finance products.
  • Skip credit approval when adding more vehicles.

Download the Line of Credit Application

Fleet services

Making it easy for business customers to manage their vehicles can give them more comfort in financing additional vehicles from you.

  • Maintenance and repair management helps customers control costs through consistent pricing and invoice auditing.
  • Rental programs help ensure minimal downtime.
  • Emergency roadside services help provide peace of mind.
  • Customized reporting helps keep businesses operating efficiently.

Learn more about fleet services

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