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Are you losing 33% of your deals?

Many consumers have experienced financial setbacks or a few bumps in their credit along the way. These consumers can be an untapped area of opportunity for your dealership.

That is where our Credit Awareness & Risk Training (CART) can help your dealership staff refine your process for the best chance at successfully closing higher-risk deals.

Audience: Dealer Principals, Sales Managers and Staff and F&I Managers

You'll learn how to:

Identify higher-risk deals early

Conduct a needs-based customer interview

Collect and verify accurate information

Structure the best deal for you and your customer

One-Hour Virtual Training

Your sales personnel and managers will participate in a one-hour virtual training tailored to their specific role in the dealership.

Sales Staff: Get the basics
  • Develop strategies for gathering correct information
  • Understand common F&I terms and acronyms
  • Basic compliance information
Managers: Go deeper
  • Learn importance of getting involved in the deal early
  • Understand basic compliance components of ECOA
  • Determine best vehicle options and deal structures

Follow-up Training In-Person

In-person training is designed to offer more in-depth training to a wider array of dealership personnel.

Sales Personnel: Positive Buying Experience
  • Tips for how to approach the customer and ask probing questions
  • Learn to anticipate and overcome customer objections
  • Role-play common dealership scenarios
Managers: F&I Needs and Processes
  • Create or enhance strategy for deal structures
  • Implement effective method for profitablity
  • Streamline the rehash process using the GMF Connect Approval Center

How to Enroll


To enroll your dealership in CART, contact us at

1Stats source: Experian State of Automotive Finance Market Q1 2021 Report.


From time to time, GM Financial facilitates and provides training for dealers to assist them with their business needs. GM Financial assumes no responsibility for the actions or conduct of a dealership or its employees. The information contained in any training material is not legal advice. Dealers should consult their own counsel for any legal issues or questions. Events are subject to cancellation or delay, in accordance with all federal and local laws and restrictions.

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