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Floorplanning Gives You More

Mike saw the proof. Keith did, too. Alex discovered the secret. Does your owner principal know why floorplanning with GM’s captive lender gives your store more? More approvals. More options. More deals. More support. More buying power.

We’ve gathered useful answers to top questions about why floorplanning with the captive makes a difference for every role from GSM to Sales Associate. Let us help steer your conversation with management so that you can appreciate the benefits of floorplanning with GM Financial, the only lender built exclusively for GM dealers.

Q: I’m in sales. I don’t see the positives of flooring with GM Financial. 

A: When your dealership is floorplanned with us, our credit team finds every opportunity to support you, whether that’s:

  • maximizing every program and offer
  • ensuring you hit your benchmarks
  • applying tier bumps
  • spotting front- and back-end opportunities

We look for every opportunity to get you MORE APPROVALS.

Q: I’m a sales associate. Why are Dealer Dividends useful for me?

A: With Dealer Dividends, all incentive payouts go directly to your dealership. We’ve given your store more flexibility with how you redeem incentives, whether as benefits passed on to customers (like DPA or CCR) or as cash for your dealership to offset floorplan costs. Work with your management to determine a dealership strategy and make the most of these incentives.

We look for every opportunity to get you MORE OPTIONS.

Q: How do I convince my boss to send more apps to GM Financial?

A: We get it. Sometimes a deal just isn’t coming together. When GM Financial sees 100% of your deals, we start to learn your store’s paper. That means we can take a look at all available opportunities on our end to make the deal work for you. Afterall, we’re the only lender dedicated to buying GM deals. So, make the case for sending your book to us. The more we know, the better we can support you.

We look for every opportunity to give you MORE BUYING POWER.

Q: How does your team help me close more deals? 

A: Get to know your contacts at GM Financial so we can have deeper, more meaningful conversations tailored to your store's objectives. Building a strong relationship with us means more opportunities to close deals, especially those marginal deals that take a little more time and effort. Plus, with the GMF Connect Approval Center, your team can work deals 24/7.

We look for every opportunity to give you MORE SUPPORT.

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