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Remember to use the proper lien code when titling

Remember to use the proper lien code when titling

Published Jun. 2012

GM Financial lien codes are available so that our GM dealers can complete all title work using the GM Financial name.

In many states, a title correction is a costly and time consuming process. Providing the proper lien code on the title reduces the number of errors made. It also ensures that our lien is perfected as quickly as possible so that we are in compliance with our securitization covenants.

To find your state's lien code, please refer to Exhibit A on the GM Financial External Rate Sheet and Underwriting Guidelines which can be accessed from DealerTrack, RouteOne, GM GlobalConnect (Located on the GM Financial brand page. Simply click on the GM Financial logo on the home page). Please note, not all states have an assigned lien code.

*As used in this article, "loans" include retail installment sale contracts originated by dealers and purchased by the company.

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