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GMF DealerSource exclusive online provider of pre-owned GM inventory on Oct. 1

GMF DealerSource exclusive online provider of pre-owned GM inventory on Oct. 1

Published Sep. 2015

Over the past several months, GM Financial's Remarketing program has evolved substantially. On July 1, GM Financial assumed auction sales operations for GM Remarketing, realigning its own operations to support operational and logistical efficiency.

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The realignment took a phased approach. In the first stages, GM Remarketing and various auction partners were made aware of operational changes. Then, GM Financial integrated the highly valued returned GM Company Car and Rental vehicle inventory to the GM Financial lane at auction. GM Financial has begun successfully selling GM vehicles in both closed sales for GM franchised dealers, as well as in open sales open to all dealers.

At the beginning of September, GM Financial Remarketing began making that GM inventory available to dealers online through its online sales channel, GMF DealerSource. This was the first step in consolidating GM's pre-owned inventory in one location.

Beginning Oct. 1, GMF DealerSource will become the exclusive provider of GM's pre-owned returned Company Car and Rental vehicles. The introduction of this inventory, when bundled with GM Financial's Off-Lease inventory, makes GMF DealerSource the exclusive one-stop source for pre-owned GM inventory online. Previously this inventory was available through other online sales channels. Starting Oct. 1, GM's inventory will be accessible only through GM Financial's platform and ADESA.com.

“This is an important step in consolidating GM's and GM Financial's operations,” said Brad Bollman, VP Remarketing Solutions. “After Oct. 1, GMF DealerSource becomes the exclusive provider of all GM pre-owned inventory. That's an exciting milestone not only for GM Financial's Remarketing team who have worked to make the transition a seamless one for dealers, but also for GM Financial as we continue to support our parent company in valuable ways.”

Remarketing forecasts GMF DealerSource inventory will grow rapidly over the next couple of months as more volume is added daily. As a result, dealership participation on GMF DealerSource is also anticipated to boom.

If you would like additional information about GMF DealerSource, please contact your GM Financial Dealer Relationship Manager.

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