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New technology and tools will drive conquests and retention

New technology and tools will drive conquests and retention

Published Aug. 2015

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Imagine logging onto a single site and being able to see the status of each of your GM Financial applications. Missing stips? Skip the fax machine. Instead, upload stips using your iPad or smartphone camera. With GMF Connect, GM Financial's new dealer portal, we're making it possible by delivering a personalized space that's designed to make it easier for you to do business with us. But that's not all. Imagine pre-approving customers before they walk into your dealership, or targeting direct mail to GM vehicle owners in your LMA. This year, GM Financial is launching new technology and building smarter tools designed to drive conquests and retention.

"As GM's captive, we're continuing to build a best-in-class experience for both dealers and customers," said Mike Urrutia, SVP Dealer Services Operations. "A key part of that experience includes providing dealers with the technology and tools they need to easily finance vehicles with GM Financial. Our increased focus on technology and tools will not only elevate the GM Financial experience, but also capture leads and deliver them to dealers in such a way that those customers are GM customers for their entire lifecycles."

Here's a glimpse at what's on the horizon.

  • Improved Dealer Experience — Coming this summer, GMF Connect, the new GM dealer portal, will give you one-stop access to GM Financial's web-based applications, product, pricing and program information. Access Dealer Reserve, Bonus Cash and FastTrack statements and Dealer Dividend balances on demand. Missing stipulations to complete a contract package can be easily uploaded into GMF Connect, speeding up the time it takes to complete an application.
  • Direct Mail — Coming later this year, GM Financial will begin offering pre-qualified direct mail opportunities. The program is designed to drive targeted, nonprime leads to your dealership. And, GM Financial floorplan dealers will be eligible to receive discounts on the direct mail program through Dealer.
  • Online Credit Applications — Coming later this year, customers can be pre-qualified on all manufacturer and dealer websites. Customers complete an online application, which is immediately routed for decisioning by GM Financial. Customers are notified when they are approved. By preapproving customers before they shop, GM Financial will bring highly qualified leads directly to your dealership.
  • Improved Customer Experience — Coming later this year, GM Financial's customer portal is being redesigned and rebranded to provide a better experience and overall customer satisfaction. Billing statements and emails are also being rebranded to promote manufacturers, with relevant messaging and offers.

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