Episode 11: Navigating New Normal

Published June 2020

Secret Sauce Series

Episode 11: Navigating New Normal

Despite a statewide shutdown, Mohawk Chevrolet in upstate New York hasn’t seen a dip in new car sales. It’s because they’re hustling. President Andy Guelcher says the secret to maintaining sales volume has been supporting local businesses, pivoting to digital sales and doubling down on customer service. By outlining clear processes for your store and training staff on how to support customers with online sales and safety questions, new car sales can remain strong.

Pivoting to Online Sales

Strong consumer programs from GM Financial, partnered with a pivot to digital tools and online shopping, have enabled Mohawk to keep new car sales strong.

How to use social media to convert

By finding ways to support local businesses, Mohawk has made the community the center of their social media marketing, which has resulted in customer acquisitions.

Help Customers Feel Safe

Upping their customer service experience has given Mohawk’s customers confidence to buy. And giving dealership staff processes that they can understand allows them to navigate this new normal and win sales.

Captive Support & Cash Flow

Quick and real support from GM Financial has helped Mohawk manage their floorplan and cash flow, plus offer strong programs to customers that help convert.

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