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Episode 24: Strategic Growth

Ryan LaFontaine, the owner of LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC outside Detroit, knows that investing in relationships is crucial for business growth. And his relationship with GMF, which started in 2015 when he came on board as a floorplan dealer, has become an integral part of his strategy for growing and getting better.

Ryan shares some ways GMF supports his team:

  1. Achieving goals

    Ryan’s “real conversations” with GMF over the years have developed trust and given Ryan confidence to bring additional dealerships on board with GMF.

    “I can see you care that we succeed,” he says. “You cared about my family and my employees because the decisions weren’t just based on a financial standpoint or a rate standpoint but how can we help each other grow?
  2. Adapting to change

    Ryan sees GMF‘s willingness to adjust dealer programs based on the current environment as a benefit to his business.

    “You saw that need for used cars, not just today, you saw it two years ago. And you came up with programs for used cars and programs for new cars, and I love the collaboration and the proactive approach.”
  3. Customized solutions

    There are always challenges to overcome with a buy-sell, but GMF’s personalized approach and knowledge of Ryan’s business led to a successful outcome.

    “One of the stores we bought didn’t sell many used cars. But my business model only works on being able to sell used cars. GMF could have said, ‘We’re going to do this deal based on the turn rate of that dealership’, which you typically do. Instead, you understood my business model and looked outside the box to solve that for us.”

Talk with your Rep about how GMF can help support your dealership’s growth.

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