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Episode 25: Collaboration

Bo Mandal, President of Mandal Buick GMC in Mississippi and chair of the national Buick GMC Dealer Council, is focused on the concept of “full circle.” The goal is to connect every aspect of a customer’s relationship around the vehicle — OnStar®, the dealership, GM Rewards, the lender — so that customer keeps coming back. “You grow market share with your customers the same way you do with your lenders,” says Bo. “You have a relationship with them.”

Bo’s relationship with GMF has come full circle since he made the change to floorplan with the captive last year. He shares what led him to make that decision:

  1. Choose how you use your Dealer Dividends®.
    You have the freedom to use your Dealer Dividends for things like offsetting floorplan costs and changing pay plans, as well as helping close more deals.

    “It’s another great example of GMF being open and letting their dealers help put a program together that’s successful for everyone.”

  2. The proof was in the floorplan Test Drive. 
    When dealers ask Bo about his floorplan experience with GMF, he tells them to take a Test Drive. Experience the benefits of flooring with GMF for 120 days. It’s a no-risk way to see if we’re a good fit for your dealership.

    Since August of 2021, 84% of dealerships that took the GMF floorplan Test Drive made the switch to GMF.

  3. Close more of the tougher deals.
    Bo sees the added benefits of a close relationship with the captive, as he’s having meaningful conversations about how to work together to close more deals.

    "That’s really what defines the difference in having a true captive lender versus just any other lender.”

Ready to see the GMF difference? Talk to your Rep about how to get started.


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