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Episode 28: Todd Ingersoll

Todd Ingersoll, CEO of Ingersoll Auto in Danbury, Connecticut, has seen it all. As a first-generation dealer, he carved his own path in the auto industry and overcame early obstacles to run three successful dealerships in Connecticut and New York.

But now as a seasoned dealer, Todd knows that the industry is always changing and to never stay complacent: “Who knows what lurks around the corner? We do know that there’ll be something.”

  1. Humble Beginnings

    Fresh out of the Navy in 1991, Todd began his automotive career at Saturn and bought into his stores 10 years later. However, he quickly learned the hard realities of the business when the now-defunct car company began to shut its doors. “Those are some fairly dark days for me,” Todd says, but now he sees the value in his experiences as a “tempering of steel over time.”

    Though every dealer knows the struggles of economic volatility over the past few years, Todd has been through a lot in his three decades in the business. From hiring and training employees to choosing the franchises they sell, Todd knows that dealers have a lot of decisions to make, and choosing a floorplan provider is perhaps one of the toughest and most personal.

  2. The Customer Comes First

    Each customer is unique, and Todd’s team has been educated on the best sales strategies and innovative digital tools to send each guest home with their ideal car. By taking feedback from himself and fellow dealers, Todd notes that GMF makes “good, solid decisions on technology and information” to help drive customer retention, increase referrals and improve sales.

    Todd’s successful dealerships in the Northeast have become pillars of their communities. His secret? Working with a floorplan provider that’s “adaptive, flexible and willing to improve their systems each and every quarter” to serve each guest effectively.

  3. Kindred Spirits

    “Every dealer I know is an entrepreneur,” Todd says, “and GMF has that entrepreneurial spirit.” GMF started from similarly humble beginnings in 1992, which for Todd means he and the team at GMF have a lot in common: “As time went on, I discovered this esprit de corps; they really care about not only my success, but my store’s success.”

    After years of building rapport, Todd is eager to continue growing his business and serving his community with his daily GMF connections by his side. “I have every confidence that I am now with a floorplan provider that cares about our success long term.”

Connect with your GMF Rep to learn more about building a strong relationship with your captive.

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