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Take the Lead to More Sales

More than 359,000 vehicles were sold as a result of leads we provided to our GM dealers last year. Are you following up on every lead?

Lease extension leads and in-equity leads represent customers who may be ready to get into a new vehicle. The chart below shows you how to optimize both of these leads.

Type of Lead Where you find the lead When it’s available What’s happening with the customer Why it’s important What to do with it
Lease Extension Your CRM Weekly These customers have been granted an extension for a few extra months, usually so they can keep their current payment while they look for their next vehicle It allows you extra time to work with customers on finding the right vehicle for their needs Encourage customers to come into the showroom to see your current inventory and special promotions
In-Equity Your CRM Monthly These customers, whether purchasing or leasing, have positive equity in their current vehicle These vehicles can be profitable additions to your used car inventory Let your customers know they may be able to use that equity as a down payment on a newer vehicle with a similar, or possibly an even lower, payment


You can also let your lease customers know about options their equity offers them. Remember, you can use GMF DealerSource® Maturity Viewer or the GM Dealer Lease Dashboard to:

  • Determine whether a customer’s vehicle is a good fit for your inventory
  • See what pull-aheads or offers the customers have received to help get them into your dealership

Don’t miss opportunities to keep these customers coming back to your dealership. If you have questions about these or other leads, talk to your Dealer Account Representative.

Read Lease Maturity Leads 101 to learn more about these leads and the information available to you in GMF DealerSource, the GM Dealer Lease Dashboard and your CRM.

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