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One-stop shopping

Experience the benefits of being a GM dealer on your terms.

  • Shop anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access.
  • Manage your maturing lease portfolio.
  • Stock your used lot with quality GM vehicles.

Built in profitability

Purchasing your lease returns through DealerSource℠ helps save you money.

  • Save on transport costs.
  • Move used inventory quicker since it's already on your lot.
  • Floorplan dealers have access to reduced buy fees.

Sales and promotions

Find upcoming special-event sales, current promotions and limited-time offers.

  • Find elite sales and mega sales.
  • Take advantage of brand- and model-specific offers and promotions.
  • Access auction-specific events and promotions.

Physical auctions

Weekly sales

Shop one of our 52 auction locations across the U.S.

  • Access thousands of Off-Lease, Company Car, Rental and repo vehicles from the GM brands and more.
  • Shop remotely via simulcast sales.
  • Purchase NAAA-certified units with a seven-day guarantee.

NAAA-certified inventory

NAAA-certified vehicles and low arbitration rates mean you can confidently move pre-owned inventory quick and focus on being more profitable.

  • Vehicles are certified according to the NAAA program.
  • Silver-certified vehicles at auction come with a seven-day guarantee.

Sell with Easy Street

Sell to a network of GM and non-GM dealers when you list your vehicles at a GM Financial physical auction. Our Remarketing Specialists run your inventory so you don't have to.

  • Feature your vehicles in a competitive auction environment.
  • Run vehicles alongside GM inventory.
  • Earn more bids with broader exposure.

Exclusive Financing

Move quick with CPO

Selling vehicles quicker and making more money is a goal for every dealer. Stocking your dealership with CPO-eligible vehicles can get you there.

  • Customers will pay up to $3,000 more for a CPO vehicle than a similar un-certified vehicle, according to Cox Automotive.
  • CPO Vehicles have 75,000 miles or fewer and pass comprehensive 172-point inspection and reconditioning process.
  • Find thousands of CPO-eligible options online and inlane.

Learn about CPO Program

Lease-end support

Thousands of lessees return every month, and these lease customers are your best new car sale opportunities. 

  • Maximize retention by having an airtight lease-end process. Use our tools to prep the next deal.
  • Add a lessee’s vehicle to your DealerSource℠ Watchlist and purchase it when it’s available. 
  • Keep customers coming back to your dealership by following your leads.
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