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Take GMF for a Spin

There’s no risk to taking the GMF floorplan Test Drive. You get a taste of what it would be like to work with GMF, while keeping your existing floorplan relationship.

While you’re in Test Drive, you earn 100% of Dealer Dividends® for 120 days, with 25% going to your dealership and 75% accruing. Those accrued earnings are your dealership’s if you decide to floorplan with GMF.

Still skeptical? These dealers were, too, but they took the Test Drive and found it lowered their net floorplan interest rate, increased their sales volume, boosted their overall profitability and provided a level of support they hadn’t experienced before.

See what they had to say:


Keith McCluskey

“We saw a significant reduction in our net cost of floorplan.”

Keith McCluskey, McCluskey Chevrolet, Cincinnati, OH

Christi Gilleland

“We have seen increased growth and earnings.”

Christi Gilleland, Gilleland Chevrolet, St. Cloud, MN

Pat Denson

“It’s been extremely profitable.”

Pat Denson, Estero Bay Chevrolet, Estero, FL

Keith Hudson

“It’s exceeded my expectations.”

Keith Hudson, Jim Hudson Buick GMC Cadillac, Columbia, SC

Doug Fleming

“We’re selling more cars. We’re making more money.”

Doug Fleming, Findlay Chevrolet, Las Vegas, NV


To learn more about how to take a floorplan Test Drive, talk to your GMF Rep today.

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